Tall Software Developer
Seattle, Washington



Role: Development Lead and Designer
Technologies: Cocoa, Cocos2D

In the spring of 2012 I managed to avoid the typical grind of a capstone project by building a game in partnership with two other students from Georgia Tech, eight students from SCAD Atlanta, and two very patient professors.

We built Clockturne, a multiplayer iOS game for two or three players using locally networked devices. One player, on an iPad, guides the ascent of a hot air balloon through a nightmarish tower. They must dodge obstacles, stun enemies, and guide the other players towards the fireflies needed to power the balloon. Those players, on iPhones or iPod Touches, use the gyroscope in their device to steer their character and collect fireflies.

I served as development lead for Clockturne and learned a lot about managing both client expectations and a development team. Our goal was to build an Indiecade finalist game. We took a long time (months) to come up with our concept, settled on something rather complicated, and (amazingly) delivered a playable prototype to the judges.