Tall Software Developer
Seattle, Washington


Storybook Reading

Role: Developer
Technologies: Cocoapods, Cocoa Touch, Objective-C

Storybook Reading is the brainchild of two parents (Chris Barnes and Alex Peterson) who have been asked to read the same children's books over and over and over. We set out to build an app that relieves this time comittment while preserving the positive experience of being read to by a parent.

I worked with Grant Tuttle to build an initial prototype in January of 2013. Together we hammered out the basics of the app's form and function. Over the course of the following months we tested, refined, and launched the app to very positive reviews.

Since release we have worked to respond to user feedback by adding features like sharing and by squashing bugs. In the future we hope to build upon the foundational experience to accomodate the many different applications that users have begun to invent.